Wilful Damage Wheel Sticker

Wilful Damage Wheel Sticker


Starting from $10


Wilful Damages Burnout Wheel Sticker, These stickers are pretty rare amongst our range and only specially made via order, so be the first to run these awesome decals. These stickers have no background and are perfect for car windows, school folders, or even laptops. They can pretty much be applied to just about any surface and available in 3 great sizes.

  • Additional Information

    These stickers are rare and only made via custom order

  • Application

    Peel white adhesive from sticker from one end, place sticker onto surface starting from that end and gradually apply sticker to surface and removing the white adhesive at the same time, taking care sticker is flat and has no bubbles. Press/rub firmly over entire sticker then remove clear adhesive.